The “LL” of LL Digital Media

Known as ‘Liza Lake’ in the Radio and Television broadcast industry I’ve got nearly 3 decades of traditional media and digital media marketing experience.

As an owner of an e-commerce business I am always on top of the ever changing landscape of digital marketing platforms. I enjoy challenges and problem solving – and come with an extra dose of determination!

I started building websites with HTML in 2001. I became a Full Stack Developer over time when starting my own ecommerce business. Frustrated with the people I hired telling me, rather than asking what I need and leaving things half-done or broken. I decided to become my own developer – and now I’d like to be yours.

In my ‘free time’ I enjoy playing cello and photography. I love to travel and immerse myself in other cultures and languages. No itinerary, just book a ticket and go where the wind takes me.

Tá Gaeilge agam. Je parle Français. Sto imparando a parlare Italiano.

My Staff


Quality Control

Finn McCool

Entertainment Coordinator

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

― Oscar Wilde

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