Social Media Shopping Channels

Google For Merchants Shopping Tab

Google is the most important of all when it comes to getting your products and your business in the forefront.

In addition to excellent SEO, you also need a Google Merchant account, a Google Ads account and a Google My Business account to achieve a verified business status. These are all FREEĀ but the process is a bit involved and there are quite a few steps to set it all up.

Getting your business in the Google Shopping tab is the holy grail of ecommerce – but if not done properly accounts will be suspended and banned permanently.

Facebook & Instagram Shopping

Another fantastic and FREE way to get your products in front of customers, syncing your website catalogue to create shops on Facebook & Instagram Shopping channels. It also allows you to tag products from your catalogue in your posts for customers to view and purchase – directly to your followers who are already interested in your products. Together with hashtags relevent to your niche, this is a very powerful marketing tool!

This integration can be done with or without the Facebook plugin. Personally, I prefer to do it without as the more plugins, the more trouble and potential for conflicts.

Pinterest Verified Merchant

Pinterest is a brilliant and FREE way to get your products to appear in searches for your niche – but getting “Verified Merchant” status can be a real hair-pulling experience. If you’ve ever gotten a notice that your Verified Merchant Status has been suspended over tag health issues – you know!

The Pinterest plugin can sync your products and create Rich Pins – but the Pinterest tag that measures traffic and conversions needs to be created in Google Tag Manager to work properly – and avoid that poor tag health – hair pulling – verified status suspension notice.

Why You Need A Developer

All of these shopping channels are created by developers with developers in mind – with the assumpution that every business has a dedicated developer at their disposal. They really are not “user-friendly” at all. Each platform has it’s own unique set up process and rules – if not followed precisely, accounts are suspended and banned automatically and often times, permanently.

Stop pulling your hair trying to figure this all out. I can get your business at the forefront and create ONE product feed for all of your merchant platforms without using multiple plugins!

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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

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